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Website Design Kansas City

Website Design Kansas City

What is the most important factor to website design?  Can you narrow it down to just one? To be honest, there are so many conditions that go into a successful web build and launch that it would be hard for me to find just the top 5 things to consider when creating a site.

For the last decade, LinkTech has helped the web development of hundreds of clients from Kansas City, Overland Park and all over the world.  Will you be our next success story?

Website Design Kansas City

We have a huge checklist that we go through when taking on a new web design job.  I have heard many people say to me in the past “why would I hire someone to build a website when I could do it myself”?  Sure, almost anybody could put together a website. Heck, most people could probably even end up with a decent design and a halfway good looking site.  You might be thinking, what about functionality? Does the site work on mobile devices? What about all the different browsers, is it compatible?  Mobile web search just overtook desktop searches, so if you are not mobile friendly, you’re loosing most of your potential clients. Beyond these few things, let’s take a look at some other very important aspects to consider when embarking down this road of website development:

  • Website Hosting
  • Your Keywords
  • Content:  Videos, Pictures, Articles, Infographics
  • Proper Optimization
  • Proper Coding – HTML5, HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA
  • Mobile Engagement
  • Page Speed
  • Website Security

Again, this is just a small sample of everything that goes into the website design and development aspect of fabricating on online presence.  All of these are related only to your business property, or when referring to internet marketing and SEO, this would be considered On Page SEO. We haven’t even discussed Off Page SEO.  We will save that for later but just know, that if step 1, the onsite SEO and Optimization is not done the right way, nothing else really matters.  You won’t be able to rank in the search results in Google for your targeted keywords if you don’t properly set the website up to begin with.

Let us take care of all the small details that make a website profitable, and you can focus on what you do best, your business.  We are very competitive here at LinkTech Marketing, we like to WIN! And we like our clients to WIN! If you embark on this journey with us, your competition wont stand a chance.

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If you are in Kansas City, Overland Park or Springfield, MO, give us a call today so we can properly evaluate your situation and get your business in front of all those hungry to buy customers.

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Tips from Local Website Design Company Kansas City

This video goes over some of the best practices when it comes to website design. LinkTech Marketing can help implement each strategy to assure that you leave your competition in the dust.