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How to choose your Kansas City Web Design Company?

Kansas City Web Design Company

I’m sure by now, most small businesses understand the value in having a website and an online presence. You are on this site for a reason, after all. So the question becomes not, do I need one but, who is the best at Kansas City web design and SEO? Let me just remind you of a few of the top reasons your small business needs a website:

  • Open for Business 24/7/365:  Your site is never closed, it is always working for you, selling, promoting and informing potential and current customers. It also becomes a great way to provide excellent customer service. Ask us how just one customer service tool that we use improves our conversions over 367%…
  • Websites Increases Revenue:  Duh, No really! Not only can you actually sell things directly from your website via an ecommerce web design, but just an information site alone will improve your revenue 39%, according to Small Business Administration.
  • Business Value:  Websites are like an online brochure for your business. Having a professional image on the internet will not only increase the perception of your company but it will also increase the overall value of the company. Let the top Kansas City web designers create the image you are looking for in this hectic plugged in world.
  • Your Competition Has One:  Don’t you want to be on a level playing field? Whatever it is you do,or sell, or service, someone else out there is doing it. Guess what, they have a web presence, they understand and are paying a professional to optimize their online existence. Said establishment is bringing in 39% more money than you if you don’t have a website. Those companies understand that pricing isn’t everything. It’s time, let us help you make at least 39% more revenue…this Year!

Kansas City Website Design


Let us at LinkTech be the designer you long for! Together, we can create a web design and influence your market like no company has done before.

Looking from a designer perspective only can be problematic, for more than just a few reasons. A designer is usually amazing at layout and beutification of the website, but not necassarily good at making it easy for Google or the other search engines to find you and relay your message to your audience. We are not just a designer, we are an SEO marketing firm.

Pricing of course is always important but one thing companies often overlook is what ROI are you receiving? If I told you a minuscule advertising budget of $1000 a month would generate $5000 a month in income. Would you do it? Of course, you would. Pricing does have a lot to do with any product or service but you have to look at the return results also.

With a proven 12 year track record helping Kansas City companies design and execute a better future, LinkTech has it’s sights set on you this year. It is your time, make the call and let’s get started making you more money.

Call us, the owner will help you decide if you need a full blown ecommerce platform, a simple ecommerce solution or maybe just an information site for contact purposes and lead generation.

There are many more reasons to be in control of your online image but I’m pretty sure, by now, you are well aware of the importance of it. Give us a call today so we can help get your message out to the world.

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